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Behind the scenes #1 - Inspiration

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I started illustrating freelance 'properly' in 2013, when a friend of mine (a huge David Lynch fan) sent me a link to the 'UK Twin Peaks Festival', who were seeking artists to sell original work at the event. I'd only recently watched the whole of Twin Peaks and thought it was amazingly odd, so really fancied creating some illustrations based on the show!

Audrey Horne, Laura Palmer and Agent Cooper were my very first designs, which I hand screened into A3 prints and applied to greeting cards and badges for the event.

Much to my surprise, they sold incredibly well at the fair! I thought perhaps I could expand this with other Twin Peaks characters to sell online - and so began the adventure. I created a further set and started making stickers and magnets, all printed from my home studio. I then opened an Etsy shop with everything a little slow at first; only the odd sale here and there.

But then Christmas came around and sales started to pick up hugely; I was shipping orders almost daily all over the world, suddenly having to work out different shipping costs and the best place to buy packaging supplies from. It was amazing to know that people wanted to buy things from my little online shop - I've got a lot to thank Twin Peaks for!

After the success of the Twin Peaks range, I was inspired to create Stranger Things illustrations after binge-watching over a few days. Any film or series which has a very definitive 'look' or style are what I love to work from; knowing that a fan would immediately smile and associate a box of Eggos with the show.

I do have one rule when creating a new range - I have to like the TV show or film myself! I've been asked by customers to create various things like a Game of Thrones or Star Wars set but to be honest I've never watched them and don't have a huge interest in doing so! They might well be successful for me but wouldn't be true to my own taste, which is what I think makes 'Hey Joey it's Estelle' unique :)

So, yep - I basically draw anything that I love and have a huge list of things in the pipeline... for example Office Space, The Craft, Girls & Friends (I couldn't not, we need to include the lady Estelle Leonard herself somewhere!)

My next blog will be 'Favourite Materials', showing things I use on a daily basis to create illustrations...

I'd love to hear what your inspiration is as a creative business owner?